Is Your Pool Equipment on the Fritz?

Is Your Pool Equipment on the Fritz?

Blue River Pool Services has what you need

Pools are supposed to be a relaxing and fun way to beat the heat and enjoy the water. But, when your equipment starts breaking down, your pool turns into a giant saucer filled with murky water that's not being cleaned properly.

To bring your pool back to its former glory, and repair your equipment, call Blue River Pool Services LLC in Forest Hill, MD. We have the services to either repair or replace any part of your pool. Our new equipment and pool repair services include salt water generators, pumps, filters and any other equipment that is supposed to keep your pool in optimum condition.

For years, we have been repairing and replacing pool equipment in Forest Hill, MD, and surrounding areas including Harford and Baltimore Counties. Let the pool repair experts at Blue River Pool Services in Forest Hill, MD, get you back in the water as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the rest of your swimming season.

In addition to pool equipment repair and replacement, we also have other comprehensive services including:

  • Pool openings
  • Pool closings
  • Weekly and biweekly pool maintenance services
  • Cleaning
  • Chemical maintenance
  • Pool renovations